How to use available information and manage risk in agile projects

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Risk management

Using infor­ma­tion to make risks calculable

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Risk Management

Help for the “gut feeling”

Using infor­ma­tion and mak­ing risks cal­cu­la­ble. In a time when every­thing is chang­ing rapid­ly, the intu­ition with which we assess risks and make deci­sions may seem to be dis­turbed. Assump­tions that were thought to be cer­tain too often turn out to be wrong.

With quan­ti­ta­tive risk analy­sis, risks become cal­cu­la­ble in the sense of the word.

Identify risks

Which risks are impor­tant, which are neg­li­gi­ble? How are risks in com­plex sys­tems inter­re­lat­ed? And how can risks be iden­ti­fied on time?

Togeth­er with you, we take a look at your project and iden­ti­fy the cor­re­spond­ing risks.

Evaluate risks

Reli­able cri­te­ria are need­ed to assess risks in a mean­ing­ful way. Objec­tive mea­sure­ments of risks are pos­si­ble. We show you how just a few pieces of infor­ma­tion can help you to sig­nif­i­cant­ly improve the accuracy. 

Risk mitigation

Togeth­er with you, we work out which meth­ods — often from the agile tool­box — are suit­able for reduc­ing risks in the case at hand? We will also work out how these meth­ods can be used effectively.

Value of the information

Togeth­er with you, we deter­mine the val­ue that new infor­ma­tion can deliv­er. At the same time, we look at how the cost of this infor­ma­tion relates to the risk. 

Want to get a better handle on your risk?

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