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Sabine Wojcieszak

Balancing Cognitive Load in Teams

Knowl­edge work is what soft­ware and IT teams do. The amount of knowl­edge need­ed to under­stand com­plex con­texts and cre­ate solu­tions is increas­ing and becom­ing more diverse at the same time. Inter­dis­ci­pli­nary teams, more com­plex tools and knowl­edge of the respec­tive tech­ni­cal domains require more and more under­stand­ing for the tech teams. The cog­ni­tive load for the team and for the indi­vid­u­als is increasing.…

Sabine Wojcieszak

How to Use Powerful Rituals for More Success

Today’s world is full of chal­lenges — for every­one, every­where. The com­plex­i­ty and uncer­tain­ty of the VUCA world are accom­pa­nied by a con­stant demand for new ideas, solu­tions, habits, or meth­ods. And it is the peo­ple who have to imple­ment these ideas, solu­tions, and habits or apply all these new meth­ods and tools. …

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Agiler Coach Sabine Wojcieszak

Sabine Wojcieszak