Agile Risk Management – Complexity and uncertainty are the new norm

In an increasingly volatile world, risk management has never been more important, states an article by Ariane Chapelle in the September 08, 2023 Harvard Business Review.
Interconnectedness, digitization of business processes, and new technologies are creating more and more opportunities faster and faster. Companies can thus offer better, more individualized services and products, win new customers, and open up markets. Of course, this also creates new, unknown risks.

The key to success

Understanding is a crucial habit for Agile and DevOps!

Working with different companies and teams on topics around Agile and DevOps always brings up interesting insights of daily practice. In my talk “A fairy tale about habits: or what we can learn from Cinderella and her peers” I pointed out some important habits for being really agile and doing DevOps. Let’s set the stage for agile teamwork and collaboration to be able to deliver value to the customer and create a meaningful and satisfying work environment for the people in the organization. To be good at that, it is quite necessary to understand the core of Agile – for everyone!